At Newport Beach based Lee Reams & Associates our success is based on your success.

Lower Taxes

We'll show you how your actions impact your taxes, and even help you take advantage of advanced tax strategies, usually only available to a select few.


More Time For You.

Accounting, Taxes and Bookkeeping are the least enjoyable part of running your business.


Total Control

We provide personalized advice, but you decide what's right for you.

Our tax and accounting experts are behind every decision you make.

Give us a few minutes, and you'll never need to deal with bookkeeping again.


Taking Advantage of Back-Door Roth IRAs

If you are a high-income taxpayer and would like to contribute to a Roth IRA but cannot because of income limitations, there is a work-around that wil...

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Tax Preparation & Planning

Tax Preparation & Planning

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